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MIB23: Sony Confirms Men in Black / Jump Street Crossover

What started as a bizarre pipe-dream has now become an AWESOME reality. Sony recently confirmed the Jump Street / Men in Black Crossover, titled MIB23, at it’s 2016 CinemaCon panel.

The intergalactic action-comedy will keep stars Channing Tatum (Jenko) and Jonah Hill (Schmidt) in their respective roles, but will need to replace the original MIB duo of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Variety reported early last month that the studio was courting director James Bobin (The MuppetsFlight of the Concords) to man the helm, as original Jump Street co-directors (Phil Lord & Chris Miller) have their hands full with Disney’s Han Solo film.

Some critics are a little thrown by the cross-over…


.. but we think it’s a great idea. The only real obstacle will be re-casting the beloved agents, J and K. With Will Smith tied up in the Suicide Squad / DC Universe for the foreseeable future and Tommy Lee Jones wrapping up the newest installment of the Bourne franchise, MIB23 will have some big holes to fill. Although it’s possible that the two could drop in for a cameo, it’s far more likely that any MIB agents in the film will be fresh to the series.

What do you think? Will Jumpstreet BFF’s Jenko and Schmidt find themselves recruited by the super-secret interplanetary police force? Will the pair cross paths with a new generation of J’s and K’s as they track an extraterrestrial perp?

Either way, it seems like Sony is really on to something.


F*ck yeah, Science!



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