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Latest Civil War Promo: The Past is Prelude

Marvel just dropped a new Captain America: Civil War promo titled The Past is PreludeWith the massive MCU battle less than a month away, the latest spot delivers a handful of contextual clues and digs a little bit deeper into the emotional state of both Iron Man and his former buddy, Captain America.

Fans have been introduced to the Civil War story and alternate perspectives of the Super Showdown through a series of trailers, posters, sneak-peeks, and promo pieces. The challenge for Marvel has been building a frenzy around the conflict without actually revealing major plot points. It seems like they’ve done a pretty great job thus far.

Most of the content delivered has been designed to prep viewers on the major issue at hand: Cap and Tony strongly disagree about superhero oversight and whether they should be subjected to it. The latest Civil War promo gives us a sense of the bigger picture, and that’s what makes it so important. The one minute spot takes us back through key moments in each hero’s past, highlighting Roger’s progression from his decision to submit to that fateful experimental treatment and Stark’s imprisonment where he first creates the Iron Man suit.


Marvel lays out the arc of each character as they chose to be heroes, and how their strikingly-different interpretation of that word has caused them to clash from the very beginning. It’s a powerful, chill-inducing sequence that should really pump up hard-core and casual fans alike.

Each new Civil War promo to date has helped the MCU keep its momentum going and create tons of buzz around a movie that will surely feature the most epic battle sequences we’ve seen yet. It’s been quite a journey from the Cap and Stark’s humble beginnings, but now it’s time to decide. Whose side are you on?

Captain America: Civil War opens in U.S. theaters on May 6, 2016

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