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Ghostbusters Reboot

Ghostbusters Reboot Gets New Character Posters

The polarizing Ghostbusters reboot is set to hit theaters this July; while many fans can’t wait to see the all-girl squad take on a whole mess of supernatural baddies, there is dissent among the ranks. Many question why the reboot is happening at all, fearing a cheap knock-off filled with the same gags and misadventures that we first saw in the beloved franchise.

Since the first trailer dropped back in March, buzz has been building around this new girl-powered adaptation. Posters of the four characters were released back in December, but they were a bit of a tease. Thankfully, director Paul Feig and the PR team have decided to give fans a little more to love. Three brand-spankin-new posters have been revealed, and they’re just as awesome as you’d expect.

Ghostbusters Reboot

These nifty new posters were released via the official Ghostbusters Twitter account. Yep, that’s the legendary Kristin Wiig ready to rock with her new Proton Pack. Wiig plays the straight-laced, bookwormy particle physicist Erin Gilbert in the hard reboot, though only time will tell just how mature her character actually is.

Next, we’ve got SNL star Kate McKinnon, playing the mouthy and eccentric Jillian Holtzman. McKinnon has been getting tons of airtime on SNL the past year or so, thanks largely in part to her hilariously-accurate portrayal of Ms. Hilary Clinton almost every single week.

Too bad McKinnon isn’t really running for office, eh?

Ghostbusters Reboot

The last poster features Patty Tolan, played by Leslie Jones, and her memorable “The Power of Patty compels you!” quote from the trailer. We’re still not quite sure if the ghosts in the movie will be nearly as scary as Tolan.

The final member to join the team, Patty is considered the layman (or laywoman, in this case) of the group. She’s a blue-collar worker turned Ghostbuster, much like Winston Zeddemore (Ernie Hudson) in the original films.

Jones is also a fan-favorite on SNL, though many consider this to be her Golden Ticket to bigger roles moving forward.

Ghostbusters Reboot

The Ghostbusters reboot, set to hit theaters July 15, was produced on a slim $150 million budget. With the all-star talent in place (and a whole bunch of epic cameos confirmed), the franchise’s newest installment should prove to be a summer hit in just a few months.

Bonus Points: Take a minute to check out Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor) as Kevin, the team’s new receptionist.


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